Stockholm city karta thai jönköping

stockholm city karta thai jönköping

"Futuna, or Horne Island, and Its People". Gibraltar : A corruption of the Arabic words Jebel Tariq ( ) which means "Tariq's Mountain named after Tariq ibn Ziyad, a Berber who landed at Gibraltar in 711 to launch the Islamic invasion of the Iberian Peninsula. The origin of the city name is uncertain; theories include an original meaning of "people of Groni" (a man's name) or "green fields". Among theories are that it derives from Norse jarth earth or jarl earl or perhaps a personal name, Geirr, to give "Geirr's Island". Alba, Albania, or Albany, former endonyms: Uncertain etymology, presumed to derive from Albion or its antecedents. A chronicle of 905 uses the form Arba, but later the word commonly appears as Alaba or Alava. Cocos (Keeling) Islands : Coral Sea Islands : uninhabited islands in the, coral Sea, named for the its coral formations, especially the, great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world. (The center of the legendary ancient Kingdom of Sekala Brak, allegedly one of the oldest kingdoms in Indonesia.) Nusa Tenggara : from Nusa meaning "islands" (referring to the Lesser Sunda Islands that make up the area) and tenggara meaning "south-east" (referring to the position.

Retrieved The first confirmed sighting of Heard Island was made on 25 November 1853 by Captain John Heard on the merchant vessel Oriental. 10 Heard Island and McDonald Islands : Heard Island: discovered (first confirmed sighting) by Captain John Heard of the merchant vessel Oriental, 25 November 1853 11 McDonald Islands: discovered by Captain William McDonald, 11 Norfolk Island ( Norfuk : Norfuk Ailen discovered and named. Bohemia : "Land of the Boii a Celtic tribe of the region. India (Republic of India) edit See List of Indian states and union territories by the etymology of their name. Citation needed Greenland ( Danish : Grønland from Old Norse Grœnland, literally, "green land so named by Erik the Red to induce settlement there. Midway Islands, a territory: For their geographic location, perhaps from the islands' situation midway between North America and Asia, or their proximity to the International Date Line (halfway around the world from the Greenwich Meridian ). Pitcairn Islands : A member of the English Captain Philip Carteret 's crew in his ship HMS Swallow first sighted the remote islands in July 1767. The name botn was applied to the Gulf of Bothnia as Helsingjabotn in Old Norse, after Hälsingland, which at the time referred to the coastland west of the gulf. United States Virgin Islands, an insular area: See British Virgin Islands above.

Hebei ( ) "North of the Yellow River" Heilongjiang ( ) " Black Dragon River the Chinese name for the Amur River, from its Manchu name Sahaliyan Ula Black River Henan ( ) "South of the Yellow River" Hubei ( ) "North of the Lake. American writer William Safire suggested that the "Jers" in Jersey could be a corruption of "Caesar". Bohuslän : meaning "county of Bohus Fortress ". Åland "Waterland from the proposed Germanic root *ahw-, cognate with Latin aqua and meaning "water". Ml#42 Australia Christmas Island Britannica Online Encyclopedia Cocos Tourism Discovery Encyclopedia Britannica Online Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Britannica Online Encyclopedia a b "Heard island: History: Discovery". 48 The castle got its name either from Predslav, third son of King Svatopluk I or from the local noble Braslav.

(In Finnish, the words for Estonia and Estonians derive from Virumaa Viro and virolaiset.) Finland edit Helsinki : The Swedish name Helsingfors ( hlsfrs or hlsf ) represents the original official name of the city of Helsinki (in the very beginning, in the form 'Hellssingeforss. The Hungarian name Nagyszombat (first mentioned in 1238 in the form of Zumbotel ) originates from the Hungarian word szombat Saturday referring to the weekly market fairs held on Saturdays. Retrieved 10 February 2009. Cantabria : from the Cantabri, a mountain people defeated by the Romans only after a great military effort ( Cantabrian Wars, 29 19 BC). St Gallen : from Saint Gall (c. Liège and Lutetia would both derive from Latin lucotætia, "marsh" or "mud". Helsingfors comes from the name of the surrounding parish, Helsinge (source for Finnish Helsinki ) and the rapids (in Swedish: fors which flowed through the original village. Archived from the original on Retrieved. . 154 a b c Habšudová, Zuzana (2001). The name of the city derives from the river Nitra.

Hamgyng from the first characters in the city names Hamju and Kyngsng (?). To the Latin francisca (from the Germanic *frankon, akin to the Old English franca meaning "javelin". The "heights" reference the southernmost part of the Barisan mountain range that runs through all the western part of the Lampung province. Gall which came to dominate the area. Territories edit Pakistan edit Provinces edit States edit State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Azad : Urdu, "Free "Kashmir" either: Kashmiristan from the Koshur (Native Kashmiri ) for "mountain tribes people" in north-east Pakistan; or from Sanskrit Kaśyapa-mra, sea (or lake) of the Kaśyapa,.


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Naken massage äldre kvinnor kontakt Names and Their Histories; a Handbook of Historical Geography and Topographical Nomenclature. 27 The name of the main city of Artois, Arras ( Atrecht in Dutch) lindhagen salong japansk spa stockholm derives directly from the tribe's name Atrebates, so Artois properly means "territory of Arras". Antonio Megale, abeifa, rua Dr. Lexikon över urnordiska personnamn. Provinces edit Liège : of disputed etymology.
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From the Irish Laigin people, named after láigne, the broad blue-grey iron spearheads they carried, and Old Norse star, meaning place or territory. "Expensive Province actually refers to Mount Gui Hainan ( ) "South of the Sea in reference to the Qiongzhou Strait, for the Hainan Island. Trade and Diplomacy on the China Coast: The Opening stockholm city karta thai jönköping of the Treaty Ports, 18421854. 62 Chernihiv Oblast : from the city Chernihiv Chernivtsi Oblast : from the city Chernivtsi Crimea : from the Crimean Tatar name: Qrm Dnipropetrovsk Oblast : from the city Dnipropetrovsk (renamed in 1926 after Dnipro ( Dnieper river ) and the Soviet Ukraine 's head. North Rhine-Westphalia (German Nordrhein-Westfalen )geographically formed by joining the northern part of the Rhineland (after the River Rhine ) with Westphalia. (Ultimate etymology disputed.) Jönköping : from Jönköping, the city. Coromines suggests an Iberian origin: Laietani (latinization of Iberian laiezken ) *laketani laketans metathesized as catelans catalans, re-inforced by castellani (with an epenthetic s according to Coromines). Danish Virgin Islands, a former territory: See British Virgin Islands below. 69 and whose colinguists established the realm of Dál Riata in the vicinity of Argyll.